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The Skate Barn History

The Skate Barn / Middle School /Ramp House

Providing nearly 26 years of skateboarding traditions – ramps, street and bowl obstacles.

The Skate Barn was founded in November 1996. It was designed and built by Jim Rees along with owner, Jimmy Ellington. Modern day Skate Barn activities include contests, demos, skate camps, live music venues. 

1996-Present: The Skate Barn (Hampstead, NC)
1993-96: Middle School Skate Pad’s (Hampstead, NC)
1989-93: Ramp House (Carolina Beach, NC)

Some of the skate ramps from the ’89 Ramp House are still being skated on today at the Skate Barn – for instance, the 3ft bowl.  We are constantly undergoing upgrades!  Check out our Gallery - Come Skate the  new skate track & EGG BOWL out back!  

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